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Donate this Fall: The Gift of Giving

Four out of 5 Americans experience poverty, unemployment, or underemployment at some point in their lives, according to Business Insider. This massive number strains social service resources, especially as fall and winter approach. If you want to donate to organizations to help combat this problem and make a difference in your local community, but you can’t make the time to haul donations to a donation center or volunteer, here are a few hassle-free ways you can help.

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Swipe for Charity with Various Credit Card Programs

One way to donate that doesn’t take any time out of your day is purchasing goods at stores that have a swipe for charity program. These stores donate part of their profits to charity based on your purchase amount, allow you to add a donation amount during the checkout process, or round up your purchase amount and send the extra money to charity. An example of this type of program is Macy’s Thanks program, which raised $15 million dollars for charities. Customer purchases such as mattresses from and clothing and accessories they carry in-store can be applied to this program. Another type of swipe for charity program includes companies who set up tablets with card readers installed. The customers can swipe their credit cards to donate to the charities without having to worry about carrying cash.

Participate in Workplace Donation Drives

Does your business have workplace donation drives? Bringing in needed items such as winter jackets and heavy blankets is easier when you can throw them in your car on the way to work. You may also be able to contribute money to specific charity drives supported by your workplace. If you don’t have any donation drives at work, ask if you can set one up yourself. You’ll have to do some research into all of the charities, but you don’t have to worry about finding time in your busy schedule to go to a drop-off location to provide needed supplies for handling the fall and winter seasons.

Mobile Donations

Donating money directly from your cell phone is as convenient as it gets, but this method is currently hampered by monetary limitations to this program, according to the HuffingtonPost. The mGive Foundation — a leader in mobile charity donations — reports 85 percent of users want to donate over the $10 limit. It’s an easy way to donate since it’s added directly to your phone bill, instead of you needing to find a credit card and enter in information.

Drop Off Boxes

Salvation Army and other charities set up donation boxes outside of frequented businesses, such as grocery stores and department stores. These boxes are ideal for clothing, blankets and other essential homeless shelter needs for the fall and winter. This donation method takes a bit of preparation, but you don’t have to go out of your way to travel to a thrift store donation center to give your items away. Instead, it’s on the way to locations that you were already going to when you’re running errands. That makes this donation method one of the most convenient ways to donate physical goods.

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