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Don’t Panic! How to Handle 3 Common Household Emergencies

Your home is supposed to be the perfect oasis of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and it also is supposed to be a safe sanctuary that protects you and your loved ones from dangers. Unfortunately, major problems can develop that can impair your ability to fully enjoy your home. In fact, some problems may result in serious property damage, health risks and more. While it is easy to panic when you are faced with some of these situations, take a deep breathe and allow these tips to guide your actions.

When the Lights Are Out

Electricity most commonly goes out during storms, and your entire block or community may be without power during this time. When this happens, you generally have no other option than to wait it out. However, if you have the forethought to plan ahead, you can simply turn on a generator that is stored in your garage or basement. If the problem is specific to your home, calling your electricity provider and an emergency electrician are important first steps to take to resolve the problem.

When a Pipe Is Leaking

A major leak can understandably cause you to immediately panic. The first thing that you may be inclined to do is to grab a bucket and some towels, but this is not the most effective first move. Instead, turn off the water valve that controls the flow of water. Depending on the location of the leak, this may be the valve near your toilet or under the sink. It may also be the main water valve for the home. You can then call an emergency plumber to your home. While you wait, use towels and other materials and supplies to remove the water. In extreme cases, a professional water remediation company should be called for assistance.

When You Smell Gas

If you smell gas in your home, you should immediately get your loved ones out. A gas leak can easily cause a deadly explosion. Once everyone is a safe distance from the home, contact the gas company for immediate assistance. Keep in mind that gas lines run underground into your home. If the leak is underground, you may smell gas in your yard rather than inside your home.

It is easy to panic in situations like these. While you need to take immediate action in these situations, you can see that remaining calm and acting in a reasonable, thoughtful manner will yield the best results. Consider loading the phone numbers of your service providers and repair professionals in your smartphone for immediate access later when needed.

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