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The Emotions Surrounding Eating Disorders

There are many different potential causes behind eating disorders. Just like no two individuals are exactly the same, no two individual’s causes for eating disorders are going to be the same.

Don't let an eating disorder ruin your life. Here are steps to take to address the problem.

That said, in most eating disorder treatment plans, addressing the emotions surrounding the eating disorder are usually part of that plan. Most treatment plans and treatment centers include at least some form of behavioral and emotional therapy to help their patients seeking help for their eating disorders.

Why is that? That is because eating disorders are usually not caused just by “weight issues,” or “poor self image.” Many times, emotions are at the base of any eating disorder.

One eating disorder treatment center found that in 50% of the eating disorder cases they were treating, their patients are currently experiencing or have experienced depression in the past. On top of that, they believe that some of the possible triggers of eating disorders include a wide range of emotions. This has included anxiety, boredom, sadness, etc.

Knowing the Causes Can Help
Understanding and addressing the fact that emotions play a very important role in causing eating disorders is an extremely vital step. Thinking your loved one’s disorder was caused by the celebrities, or the magazines, or too much competition in school, is outdated thinking. Thinking that someone developed an eating disorder strictly because they didn’t like the numbers on the scale, or they “didn’t think they were pretty enough” also isn’t always completely accurate.

Those types of thoughts of poor self-image or overwhelming competition many times are present in the cause and continuing of an eating disorder. But typically they are not the main cause, and in most cases, they are accompanied by at least a couple emotions. Understanding this can provide better understanding and empowerment.

Treating the Emotions Surrounding Eating Disorders
Once you understand emotions’ powerful role in causing and maintaining eating disorders, you are better armed to face those very powerful emotions. Because emotions are such an integral part of causing an eating disorder, they must also play an integral part in treating an eating disorder. To be able to properly address, treat, and overcome an eating disorder you must address, treat, and work to overcome or face the emotions that helped to cause the disorder.

There is Hope!
Whether you are working to battle an eating disorder on your own, or you have chosen to utilize the help of a treatment center, there is hope! In either plan, it is necessary to work to face your emotions. Whether it be depression, low self worth, fear, stress, or even boredom, it is vital to work to understand and confront the emotions surrounding your disorder.

It may seem difficult, but with the proper steps and support, it will pay off in the end. If you work to face and work through the emotions surrounding your eating disorder, you will be empowered to truly overcome.

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