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Enjoy A Cupful Of Motivation!

We all dread that first day of work after a long break and strong doses of motivation are needed more than ever. To add to your woes, if you do not get that perfect cup of coffee to kick start your morning the entire day could be wholly unproductive!

The Easter holidays are approaching and if you can stretch your imagination a bit, I’d like to take you to the morning after you’re back from your holiday. What better way to start your day than with a perfectly brewed coffee in your hand?

Increased interactions

No-one wants to drink that first cup alone, particularly when you’ve got holiday news to catch up on! A vending machine in office becomes a centre for conversation and increased interactions are sure to lead to exchange of information. Especially after a break, when employees meet after quite a while, there is a lot to exchange. Ideas flow and brainstorming happens. Team building can be quite easy when you are at the vending machine sharing the queue with your subordinates or bosses. There is no discrimination here and people are likely to feel more at ease than in the boardroom.

Engagement levels and satisfaction

If interactions are more, so is, by default, the engagement. You don’t have to hold expensive employee engagement programs often. Little things like meeting at the vending machine and having a cup of tea or coffee also can act as a great employee engager. In fact discussions about favourite flavours and tastes could also boost employee engagement and rapport building between the employees.

Improved morale

No-one wants to return from a holiday and plunge straight into the ever-increasing pile of papers. Not very morale-boosting at all! On the contrary let’s imagine a scene where you come back from your Easter break, go through your workload, plan out your activity and take a trip to the vending machine where you meet your colleagues, your boss and people from other departments. You informally catch up and enjoy your cup of coffee until you are completely recharged. Before you realise it, you’ll have tackled half your to-do list just in those casual discussions! Your morale is recharged and productivity is on the rise!

So next time you look at your vending machine, don’t just see it as a beverage provider. Congratulate it for providing your employees with constant motivation!

Richard Woods is a writer for KLIX, the coffee vending division of Mars Inc.

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