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Everyday Life For A Busy Mom: 4 Tips For Making It Easier

Everyday life for a mom often becomes a tangled web of errands, chores, and caring for the needs of others. Whether you stay home with your children, are a working mom, or some combination of the two, these four tips make it easier to manage even the busiest days seamlessly:

Establish a Routine

Follow the natural routines of your children to include time for meals, play, and rest as a plan for your day to add structure and reduce anxiety in children. Here are a few examples of family routines to use as a guide. Work appointments and activities into your schedule around your natural routine whenever possible, but also leave time for flexibility and free play to avoid stress within the household. Don’t hesitate to adjust your routine if it doesn’t work for you. Planning ahead is key, as kids have bad days just as often as parents. Don’t force a class or shopping trip that leads to over-stimulated, over-tired children who don’t have the tools to cope. Hint: establishing a routine will help children adjust to school too.

Get Organized

Take time to organize and declutter with the goal of empowering all family members to do their part. By creating chore charts and arranging rooms to be more accessible to children, you can delegate tasks like dressing, sorting laundry, and organizing toys with ease. Labels also go a long way to keeping rooms tidy. Make sure bins are labeled in an age-appropriate way with pictures or colors to help with the sorting process.

Meal planning and preparation is also a game-changing strategy for busy moms. Do this once a week prior to your shopping day to save valuable time and money. Also set aside time each week for meal preparation. Save time by buying and bulk and using things like Foodsaver bags to divide and store meat and vegetable portions in between meals. Many items can be dumped into a slow-cooker or pressure cooker to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen.

Find your Tribe

Being a mom on an island, even if you are constantly rushing to stay afloat, is isolating. Make time to meet with other like-minded parents to share experiences with. Befriending a group of moms that understand your struggle will help your family build resiliency to life’s ups and downs. Having friends reduces stress, and your children will also benefit from making new friends and experiencing a widening sense of community. Remember to be open with your friends and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Make Time for Yourself

Focusing on self-care is so important but can be elusive to busy moms who may be juggling work schedules along with their parenting day-to-day. Take time for yourself, even a simple fifteen minutes of quiet time with a cup of coffee will enable you to recharge prior to starting your hectic day. If you are offered help, take it. Use babysitting help to take a bath, go on a date night, and enjoy yourself as a person first. Use these self-care strategies for ideas on relaxation and mindfulness or simply find what works best for you. Your tribe of mom-friends will also make it easier to put yourself first — use them as a listening ear and enjoy the calming benefits of having friends that empathize.

Utilizing these four tips will help streamline everyday life for even the busiest of moms. By taking time to establish a routine, organizing your space to work for you, finding your tribe, and focusing on self-care are time-tested strategies that work for moms from all walks of life.

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