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Facing Eviction, IFCS Helps Keep Roof Over Head

Client came to IFCS for assistance with his rent. The client stated that he required assistance due to the fact that he was facing eviction. He stated that he was unable to pay his rent due to the fact that he had recently had heart surgery. As a result of his surgery he has been unable to work since June 15th, and he will not be able to return to work until August 17th. The client stated that he had spent all of his savings on his July rent and on the co-pay for his surgery. He is employed as a building maintenance engineer at a hotel and expects to return to work without difficulty once he is cleared medically. He stated that he did not look for any sort of public assistance during his time away from work, and that he has mostly relied on help from friends and family. He believes that once he returns to work he will be able to pay his rent and support himself without difficulty.

The client’s budget is currently $1313.30 in the negative each month. His biggest expenses are rent at $716.30 a month, food at $200 a month, and transportation at $162 a month. The client was encouraged to apply for food stamps, apply for AND, and cut back on expenses like clothing while he is temporarily out of work. Once the client returns to work, his budget should go back to being sustainable. His HPAP goals were to return to work, start saving money, get certified for HVAC, and move somewhere cheaper and closer to work.

The client’s base rent is $645, plus $121.30 in late fees and utilities. He provided proof following the meeting that he had paid $121.31, covering the late fees and utilities. IFCS agreed to pay the remaining $644.99 using HPAP funds.

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