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Families with Pools Should Look into These 4 Maintenance Ideas

Do you want to keep your swimming pool looking beautiful all summer long? Angie’s List says a buildup of dirt and debris can clog up the filtration system and damage the electrical components like the pool pump. We have four ways you can maintain your pool and keep your system efficient and lasting longer.

Weekly Scrubs and Water Treatments

Every week you will want to run a scrubber around the inside of the pool. Go along all the walls to remove any algae or buildup. Use a wet vacuum to remove debris from the pool floor. Add water conditioners and algae killers every week to keep the water at the correct pH levels.

Clean the Water and Empty the Debris Baskets

Every two weeks you should do some additional tasks to keep your pool in good shape. Remove the baskets on the filters and clean the debris away to maintain proper water flow. Check the jets while you are performing this task to make sure the pressure is good. If you notice a problem, then contact a reputable local repair specialist. Regular swimming pool maintenance should include skimming the surface of the water each week or two. Regular tile cleaning is necessary if your pool has a mosaic design or other tile surrounds.

Turn off Heaters and Cover When Not in Use

Letting your heaters run all the time can cause your pool surface to heat up high enough to wear down the coating prematurely. Time says after a decade pools can spring leaks requiring resurfacing that costs about $2,500, so protecting the surface is crucial to saving money by extending the life of the pool coating. Using a cover when the pool is not party central will keep debris out of the water, and the less the sun shines on the water, the fewer chemicals you will need to keep the pH normal and keep algae from growing.

Monitor Water Levels for Signs of Leaks

When you lose over a quarter of an inch of water in a day, then you have a leak that needs addressing. This water loss will continue to cost you with constant refilling. Your pool contractor can identify the leak and offer a solution that fits your budget and conditions.

When your pool is the center of your family, paying special attention to clean it often will save you money and extend the life of your pool. By protecting the surface and minimizing the workload on the filters and electrical components with regular cleaning, you can keep your pool crystal clean and ready for impromptu gatherings. A general cleaning and inspection by a professional at the beginning and end of use each season is also a good idea.

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