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Family and Furniture: How to Create a Comfortable, Cozy Home

Creating a comfortable and inviting home that still looks stylish is not as hard as it may seem. Pairing the right furniture pieces with the right accents will pull together a look that looks chic and beautiful while still allowing comfort and coziness. You don’t have to choose form over function when it comes to comfort. Rather, a well-designed scheme of furniture and decor will give your home the right combination of physical comfort and appealing ambiance.

Choose the Right Furniture

Rather than allowing yourself to get stuck in a rut with furniture choices of the same materials and colors, bring in a little flare by mixing and matching. When buying new furniture, choose a combination of plush accent chairs and throws with more structured or shiny end tables and furniture pieces. Some companies, like Modern Home 2 Go, know that you can use color to tie together different styles so that your home doesn’t look chaotic. Also, consider creating a reading nook by placing a comfy arm chair in a corner with a quaint end table and lamp. Arm chairs traditionally are seen in living rooms, but can make an inviting bedroom decoration as well.

Use Accessories to Change up the Style

While many people prefer to buy neutral colors for furniture so that it matches, it is easy to add pops of color with decorations. In the winter time, a real or faux fur throw draped over the couch will add a lush and warm feel to the room. Also consider changing out the colors, patterns, and textures of throw pillows and wall decorations with each season. Changing accents and decor is a perfect, and easy way to update your home without a complete remodel.

Don’t Forget about the Lighting

While a ceiling light fixture may provide sufficient light for a room by itself, lamps and candles add a lot of ambiance to a room. Floor lamps and table lamps make a home feel more lived in, and can be used to tie together a theme. Metallic lamps can contrast heavy plush furniture and add a little glitz to an otherwise dull room. Candles come in a multitude of colors and styles and are a cozy addition to any room. Best of all, they can easily and inexpensively be changed out for new colors and scents to match the season.

We spend a lot of time in our homes, and taking the time to make them cozy and comfortable is time well spent. Follow these tips to create an environment you will enjoy, and that will impress and welcome guests as well.

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