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Family Bonding: 4 Tips For Being There For Your Kids After School

One of the best ways to bond with your children and enjoy family time is to be there for your kids when they get home from school. Being present in the home when your kids arrive will provide them with support and a safe place to spend time. To ensure that you’re there for your kids each day, there are a few important steps to take as a parent.

Make Conversation

Make it a point to start a conversation with your child when they get home to school to ensure that they can share the activities of their day and offer an insight into what they’re learning in each of their classes. Making conversation will allow you to form a bond with one another to ensure that they have a voice in the home and can discuss what they’re feeling and thinking each day.

Prepare Snacks

You can greet your child with snacks that are prepared to hold them over until it’s time for dinner. Consider slicing up apples that can be paired with peanut butter or making mini pizzas with flatbread from places like Klosterman Baking Company. Your kids will look forward to coming home each day and enjoying a delicious and healthy snack that will provide them with a boost of energy.

Plan Fun Activities

According to, you can be there for your kids with activities that will prove to be fun and offer a break from their homework. Consider picking up sidewalk chalk, designing a comic strip, and playing board games to strengthen your relationship and enjoy extra time together.

Stay Active

You can introduce your child to different types of sports to ensure that they stay active and increase their physical fitness. According to, it’s important to avoid forcing the kids into a specific activity, which can cause them to become resistant. Instead, try roller blading, playing soccer, and shooting hoops in the backyard to find what they enjoy and enroll them in a league in the local area.

Although it can be difficult to find time to spend as a family during the week, there are several ways to be there for your kids after school. With the right activities planned and tasty food prepared, you’ll create new memories together that will allow them to thrive in school and enjoy spending time at home as they grow and develop.

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