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Family Car Fix: How to Make an Old Van Look New

family-car-fix-how-to-make-an-old-van-look-newThe unfortunate truth is that just about everything fades over time. Your once beautiful family van now looks like it might be part of the junkyard. You miss how nice your family car used to look, and want to make it look new again. The good news is there are plenty of things you can do to restore the look of your family van.

Fading Paint
Do you know how paint fades in the first place? The sun is the biggest reason behind your color fade. Over time, exposure to the sun will cause the paint to fade, but that’s not the only reason. Some pollutants and chemicals present in the air can cause your car’s paint to fade, and so can environmental factors like living near the ocean and dealing with salt. Even things like bird droppings and insects can start to fade your paint over time. Eventually, all of the days in the sun and pollutants add up to cause your once beautiful, shiny van to look faded and old. This is a simple but slightly expensive fix. Take your car to a professional and get a new paint job. You will leave the lot with a van that looks new and beautiful. You might even get creative and get the right paints yourself. Make a mural the whole family can take part in.

Messy Inside
If your car is messy and dirty on the inside, it doesn’t matter what you do to the outside. Once you get in it, it will still feel old and anything but nice. Take some time to clean out all of the items and the trash from your van. Once everything has been removed, take a vacuum and clean the seats and the floor mats. If your seats are dirtier than a vacuum can handle, use some upholstery cleaner and scrub them really good. You may not be able to get the inside to look like it did when it was new but with a little elbow grease it will feel newer to you.

New Parts
Now that you’ve got your family van painted and it looks brand new, your old tires look out of place. Another simple fix! Go to local Discount Tire Centers and get a new set of tires with some nice hubcaps that will shine right along with your paint. You might also need to invest in internal belt replacements, a new battery, or other essentials that will not only look and make your car run better, but also keep you safe.

With a fresh paint job and some new tires, your family van will look as good as the day you brought it home. You can be proud to drive it again and really enjoy the time out with your family. With proper maintenance, the van will continue to look new for several years.


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