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Family Fashion: 3 Ways To Keep It Stylish And Affordable

Keeping your family in the latest fashions doesn’t always have to mean that you stretch your bank account. If you have children, then you know that they don’t wear their clothes for a long time before you need to buy new clothes and shoes. Teenagers wear one style one year and change to another style next year. Getting new clothes all the time for your kids and for the adults in the home can be pricey, but there are a few ways that you can stay within your budget while making sure your family looks like they spent hundreds of dollars on a new wardrobe.

Shop Consignment

When you hear about consignment stores, you might think that the clothing options will be styles that your grandparents might have worn. Some stores might have vintage looks, but there are many that only accept clothing that is a few years old. This means that you can get some of the latest styles without spending a lot of money. Consignment stores usually only accept items that aren’t torn and that don’t have stains on them. Try to look for consignment stores that cater to the younger generations. They sometimes take clothing that has a younger look and that is designed for teens or kids compared to accepting clothes that are for adults. An option with consignment stores is that you can take the clothes your family no longer wears and either get cash for them or trade them for new clothes.

Look Online

There are numerous websites that offer clothing deals. You can usually find clothes and accessories that are more than half off the original price. Some stores offer discounts if you sign up to receive an email newsletter. There are stores that you can shop at that offer group discounts on the clothing items that are sold. You would need to find a few people who want to order from the company when you do or look for items that are being sold at the time you place your order that are a part of a group purchase. Some consignment stores have items online and offer specials on certain products if you tell the cashier that you saw the deal on the website.

Get The Basics

No one said that looking stylish has to involve bright colors and bold patterns. You can get the basics for your closet and still look your best. Make a list of the items that you know that you need before you go shopping, such as jeans, a jacket, shirts, and sweaters. Write down the colors that you want to get or the colors that you need to get you through a season. Some of the things that you want to make sure you have in your closet are a black shirt, a white shirt, a basic jacket, a few pairs of jeans and a pair of dress pants. When you stick with the basic items, you can change your style by wearing different shoes, adding a different jacket or sweater or adding different accessories, such as a scarf or a vest. These simple ideas can save quite a bit of money, and you’ll have a closet full of options to get you through the week. If you want to get something new and exciting, wait until it goes on sale before making the purchase.

Clothing can be expensive. If you have teens or kids, then clothing can seem like it’s double the price you would spend on yourself. Stay within a budget, and try to look at smaller stores that offer consignment to get the best deals.

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