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Family Fortitude: How to Reduce Your Bill While Saving the Planet

There are excellent ways to reduce your family’s energy usage and your monthly utility bills while also protecting the environment. Here are some of the best ways to save money at home while also saving the planet.

Turn Off the Water

Do you leave the water on while you are brushing your teeth? This can waste several gallons of water each time that you are performing oral hygiene. Multiply the amount of water that is wasted by every person in your home, and also, think about how often each person is brushing his or her teeth. In addition, don’t forget to stop wasting water while washing dishes or laundry.

Leaking Plumbing Fixtures

When your home has degraded plumbing fixtures or pipes, it is possible that the items are dripping water inside the ceilings or walls. This type of problem is not always noticeable, but it can increase your monthly water bills. Use a flashlight to inspect the water pipes inside and outside your home, and also, check the plumbing fixtures, including the bathtubs, sinks or toilets.

Upgrade Electrical Switches, Wiring, and Outlets

If your home has ancient electrical wiring, then you could be wasting money each month. Old outlets, wires, and switches may have problems with power surges or brownouts that lead to electrical problems. You may have lived in your home for many years without hiring reliable electrical services from professional electricians who can test your home’s wires to confirm that the systems are safe and economical to use.

Natural Gas Usage

When you use natural gas to heat your home or to cook food on a stove, make sure that you aren’t wasting it. Seal the holes and crevices of your home before winter arrives, and clean your home’s furnace along with changing its air filter. While cooking in the kitchen, bake several meals at one time in the oven so that you can heat leftovers in a microwave. Cover the pans on the stove with lids while boiling rice or vegetables to help the foods to cook faster.

Exterior Solar Lights

You may have exterior security lights as a protection from burglaries or home invasions, but rather than using electric lights, switch to solar lights. You can find solar light posts to poke into the soil around your home’s windows, or alternatively, you can fasten the solar light strands around the windows or doorways. It is a possible to use these types of strands around fence posts or along the top of fences for additional protection.

Make sure to have family meetings about saving money in your home by reducing the use of natural gas, electricity and water. Help your children understand why saving money is important in addition to protecting the planet.

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