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Family-Friendly: 3 Tips for Finding Safe Household Products and Services

When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, it’s important to understand that some of the most harmful elements in your home may be things you can’t see or smell. There are a wide range of colorless, odorless chemicals that you may have no idea you are even coming into contact with that can actually be quite deadly. Here are 3 tips for finding safe household products and services that will help you keep your family safe and healthy.

Beware the Internet

While the internet of things allows us to purchase products from all over the world as easily as we would from a store down the street, this is not always advisable. While it may seem as if buying inexpensive sheets off the internet is simply saving you some money, that bargain may cost you dearly in the long run. The manufacturer may be using a number of hazardous chemicals to manufacture them that are banned in the US. If you want to buy products off the internet, buy them directly from a trusted, respectable source.

Look for Services that Use Organic Products Rather Than Chemicals

Whether you are talking about gardening or pest control, there are a number of companies that use harmful chemicals to do their given tasks. Before you hire a service to come and perform a task in or around your home, make sure you know what kinds of products they are using to ensure that they are safe for pets and children. Remember, whatever they spray in and around your home, you are most likely to come into contact with in some way or at some point. Companies like Greenleaf Organic Pest Management are happy to provide information about any chemicals they use and the safety of their services.

Make Your Own Cleaners

Savvy marketers know that today’s consumers understand that dangerous chemicals exist and they market their products accordingly. There are, of course, standards that they must adhere to in labeling and even the manufacturing of their products, but there are still a number of potentially harmful chemicals that can be used in cleaning products and still be considered safe or even called “all-natural.” Your best bet is to make your own cleansers and cleaners so you know exactly what you are spraying or spreading around your home.

While there is no way to completely and entirely protect your family from any and all hazardous chemicals, you can certainly cut down on their risk of exposure by taking some simple precautionary measures. Just taking the time to investigate and explore before buying or hiring can go a long way towards ensuring you provide a relatively toxin-free environment for your family.

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