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Family Friendly: Best States for the Whole Gang

When choosing the perfect place to settle down with a family, there are so many factors that go into the decision, your head will be left spinning for days. While there is no perfect state, there are plenty of benefits for each one. A family with children is a much more complicated dynamic than simply a husband and wife. When you’re deciding where to raise your kids, you are choosing their childhood memories, the struggles they go through, their friends, and how they remember their time with you.

With the thrill of the West coast, Oregon hosts a quieter version of California’s beauty. From the gorgeous lakes and mountain trails to the unique downtown art culture, your family will never run out of things to do in Oregon. Beyond the simple beauty of the state, the schooling system is among the best in the states, especially in the Portland area.

This great western state has a lot to offer. From Lakes to mountains, you’ll find plenty of fun outdoor activities to occupy your time. Mountain biking, skiing, hiking and swimming are sports your kids will have a great time trying out in all seasons. The Salt Lake Valley is home to cities with a unique small town feel. Home builders in Utah from FieldStone Homes say that the housing market is affordable here as well.

Hosting some of the most beautiful scenes and over 22 lakes in the Minneapolis area alone, Minnesota is a gorgeous place for any child to grow up in. Also ranking high in the best schools in the states, Minnesota offers an affordable city living as well as a comfortable countryside. From vibrant cities to calm and quiet views, all four seasons can be fully enjoyed by a family of any size in this state.

The great home of education and sports could be the perfect place to raise a child. The history alone that has taken place in the Boston area is inspiring, and the seasons paint Massachusetts beautifully every year. With an even higher school rating, the Boston area is the perfect place to raise your children in a well-rounded environment. From wandering in forests to sports and academic opportunities, the excitement of Massachusetts never dies down.

New York
Believe it or not, there is more to New York than NYC. Once you step out of the crazy city life, there are many perfect places to raise a family in peace. Westchester County hosts the highest rated school district among these states and is conveniently just outside of the main city. Not only do you have plenty of outdoor activities, but a trip to the city is easy and exciting.

While these are just a few of the best places to raise your children, these states host a variety of opportunities for the entire family.

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