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Family In A Car Crash? 3 Unexpected Injuries To Watch Your Children For

If you’re ever in a car accident with your children in the car, there are a few injuries that you need to watch for after you get home that might not be immediately seen or felt at the scene. When you notice anything odd that’s taking place with your child, you need to make a visit to the emergency room or a doctor’s office for the proper testing to be done as this will help to determine if there are significant injuries that could require surgery. Most injuries after the accident can still be reported to insurance companies to prevent worrying about paying for medical costs.

Head Injuries

Depending on the severity of the impact, your children might hit their head on the back of a seat or on the dashboard. Sometimes, the pain isn’t immediately felt after the impact. It might be felt in the form of a headache later on or as a severe pain where the head made contact even a few days after the accident. A head injury is something that you want to get examined as quickly as possible because there could be bleeding in the brain or a host of other issues that could result in paralysis at a later time or a loss of neurologic functions.

Abdominal Issues

These are probably the most common issues that you’ll see with children. When children are in a car seat, the lap belt can cause damage to the stomach and organs in the stomach, such as the spleen or the liver, that might not be present just after the accident. Watch for bruising on the stomach, especially bruising that has a deep purple color as this could indicate internal bleeding. Ask the child if there is any pain in the abdomen as some children might not alert you if there is anything out of the ordinary. A car accident attorney can help you get the compensation that you deserve for your child to recover money spent for medical bills and to cover the pain and suffering that your child experiences.

Broken Bones

If your child sits in the front seat and the airbag comes out, then there is a possibility of a broken nose, broken arms or broken wrists depending on the way that the child is impacted. Broken bones can also result if the child hits the back of the car seat or hits the dashboard. Pay attention to any swelling or odd movements that the child exhibits.

There are several injuries that your child might have after a car accident that you don’t know about right away. However, there are a few things that you can pay attention to in order to determine if a trip to the hospital is necessary. Save all paperwork to turn into your insurance company if treatment is needed.

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