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Family In Transition: 5 Steps For Dealing With Unwanted Change

When your family goes through an unexpected change, it can be difficult for everyone to adjust. The change could be something good, as in a new baby, or it could be something heartbreaking, such as a death in the family. There are a few steps that you and the family can take to make dealing with change a little easier.

Be Aware
It takes a bit of time to notice that there is change taking place. Be aware of your surroundings so that you can see when something is different in the home. Write in a journal or have a family meeting so that everyone is aware of what is happening instead of trying to hide from the change.

This is probably one of the best things that you can do as a family. Talking to someone with a social work degree can help all of you reveal any problems that you might have with each other or with the environment. When you know how everyone is feeling, then you can begin to do things to help each other feel included in the home.

Be Thankful
When there is change, you might start to think that the family and home are falling apart. Think about the things that are positive in your life. This can help everyone stay focused on the good things that are still in the family instead of the negative things that might be taking place.

Set Goals
If you have goals, such as saving money or eliminating some of the things that cause heartbreak, then you can work towards those goals as a family. If you complete the tasks together, then it will bring you closer and make the family unit stronger. This will help you get through other trials and changes that will come in the future, giving you an idea as to what to expect.

Go With The Change
Don’t fight any kind of change that will come about. If you try to fight it, then it will usually only make things worse. Anticipate the outcomes that might happen in various scenarios, and discuss those outcomes with the family whether they are positive or negative.

When there is unexpected change, it’s something that the family has to deal with together. You will come out stronger together, but there needs to be give and take with each member of the family. Seek help when needed, and make sure there is support from family and friends no matter what happens with the change that comes.

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