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Family Loss Creates Strife For Single Woman

This single woman came to IFCS for assistance with her utility bill. She stated that she required assistance due to the fact that her unpaid bill was negatively influencing her ability to find a new residence. The client explained that she had fallen behind on her bill due to the fact that her parents, brothers, and grandmother all died within a short time of one another. This tremendous loss left her essentially unable to function. She lost her job, dropped out of college, and had to enter a residential mental health treatment facility. She stated that her mental health has improved and that she has recently taken a position as a personal assistant to an individual who owns a number of rental properties. She hopes that this will help make up for the gap on her resume and lack of work experience, while providing her with a good reference for future employment. The client is currently living in an extended stay motel, but the rate has recently gone up and she is worried that she will not be able to reside there much longer. Her unpaid Xcel bill has presented a serious problem in terms of her ability to find new housing, but she hopes that once this outstanding debt is paid that she will be able to find housing more easily.

The client’s budget is currently $505 in the negative each month. Her largest expenses are her hotel at $900 a month, food at $100 a month, and her phone at $50 a month. She was encouraged to apply for food stamps, which would allow her to qualify for other forms of public assistance such as subsidized phone programs. She also was encouraged to continue looking for better paying employment with more hours.

The client’s total balance is $739.22, with the full amount past due. IFCS agreed to pay the full balance using EOC funds.

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