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Family Love: How to Best Care for Your Relative with an Addiction Problem

The last thing you ever expected is that someone so close to you would suffer from an addiction problem. Yet, anyone who is an addict has relatives. It is a situation that is faced by many families, and often it is not handled well. However, with a little insight, you can approach the situation the right way and make a positive difference in the life of a relative who has an addiction.

Who Should Speak to Your Relative?

When you have a situation where a relative is experiencing a drug addiction, getting the right person to approach them with their problem is critical. The right person should have some rapport with the relative who has the addiction, a person they will hear out because they already trust this individual. This way they know the person who is approaching them is someone who actually could have their best interests in mind. That person might just be you.

Addressing the Need

When you realize that a relative is having a problem with addiction, you must be ready to confront that individual in a way that helps them realize how their problem is doing harm to themselves and others around them. Itemizing a list of things that expose this to be the case, and gently helping them to understand how their addiction is impacting their situation, is the first step to letting them know you are interested in helping them to reach a better state.

They may not want help at first, but in time they will eventually come to realize they need it as more things go wrong because of their addiction. Just being there to make the picture clear for them is sometimes the best support you can provide until they are ready to take steps to correct their addictive behavior.

Catch It Early

If you are thinking a person must first bottom out before they can get meaningful help, you should understand that this is more myth than fact. While some people cannot be helped until they bottom out, the reality is that it is almost always better to get people help long before they bottom out. It is actually easier to get a relative over an addiction if you catch the problem early, and they get the help they need before the addiction and its associated behaviors have the opportunity to become genuinely entrenched in your relative’s life.

Getting Professional Help

Overcoming an addiction is a process that your relative should not be facing alone. In fact, the sooner they accept that they need professional help at a place like The Lakes Treatment Center, the sooner they can accelerate their path to recovery. The right facility would be secluded, taking them far from the pressures and addictive habits that hold them captive from day to day. It should also be a facility that provides an atmosphere for relaxation as well as activities to help them get their mind off their addictive behaviors.


If your relative has an addiction, then they are going to need your help, understanding, and support in order to get better. Rarely can a person enslaved to an addiction overcome their situation all on their own. You have the clarity of mind and judgment to help them see their addiction for what it is, and to encourage them to get the help they need in order to get better.

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