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Family Matters: How to Teach Your Kids About Dental Hygiene

As a parent, you know all about proper tooth care. The challenge is imparting this wisdom to your kids. They might not be wanting to brush or floss like they should, and can you blame them? Think about how much of a pain it seemed to be when you were a kid. However, there’s nothing good to come from slacking on dental hygiene.

In order to get your kids properly educated, you need to have a solid game plan. It doesn’t have to be a pain to get them in the habit of regularly brushing and flossing. Here are four ways to teach your kids about dental hygiene.

1. Show them why we brush

Your children, especially younger ones, might think that there’s no point in brushing their teeth. To them, it might just seem like something that they have to do every morning and every evening because you told them to. You know that this isn’t the case, but they’re unlike to realize this.

In order to help drive home why we brush, you should show them how important our teeth are. Show them how they are vital for things like speaking, eating, and smiling. Then, you should let them know that if their teeth aren’t in their ideal condition, they could get greatly unhealthy and be unable to perform their essential functions.

2. Show them why we floss

When a child starts flossing is dependent upon when their teeth start coming together. For younger children, you should be assisting them with flossing, in order to prevent a choking hazard. Flossing is an essential habit that many adults are lax about. So, it’s crucial to make sure your kids know all about how to floss properly.

Food gets stuck in our teeth. Sometimes, it’s obvious, like a piece of popcorn or spinach. Other times, however, it can get lodged in rather subtlely. Then, without us realizing it, the bacteria from the food can spread to your teeth, causing significant problems in your mouth. Show your kids how this can happen and they’ll realize how important flossing is.

3. Tell them about cavities

Your kids might think that there’s no huge harm in not brushing or flossing. However, cavities are a real nuisance that can thankfully be avoided. Tell your kids about how, if they don’t brush or floss, they’re liable to get cavities. Then, you should tell them all about the process of getting cavities filled.

From having the Novocaine injected to getting the cavity in their tooth filled in, it’s certainly not a terribly pleasant experience. Ask your kids if they think that skipping out on brushing their teeth or flossing on a regular basis is worth having to deal with getting a cavity filled.

4. Go to the dentist

There’s no one better to teach your kids about dental hygiene than a trained professional, like a dentist or a dental hygienist. Since you’ll have to make an appointment with one every six months, it’s always good to have a positive relationship with your local dental office.

When you go to the dentist with your kids, work to alleviate their fears. Remind them the dentist is there to keep their teeth healthy, and that if they’ve been keeping up with the care of their teeth themselves, they have nothing to worry about. A pediatric chicago il dentistry specialist is someone you should definitely make an appointment with.

We hope this has given you a great idea of how to teach your kids about dental hygiene. You surely love to see your children smile. So, you want to keep that smile shining. With proper tooth care, you can do that.

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