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Family Rec: How to Make Sure Your Kids are Safe by the Pool

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As the summer approaches, your kids will want to go outside and you’ll inevitably want to visit a pool the moment things heat up. However, along with fun summer activities come concerns about their safety and well-being. While there are many things you can do, here are a few things to consider that’ll make the pool safer for your kids.

Look for Safety Barriers

Whether you’re going for a swim in your local public pool or one at your home, fences are an effective and easy way to keep kids safe. There are many fence types that are meant to keep kids safe and out of the water when appropriate. Particularly with small children, look for areas where they’ll be restricted from going in the water unsupervised to prevent any accidents. You want to do this so that you have control regarding access to the pool at all times. 

Get the Right Gear

Now that kids are not in the water when they’re not supposed to be, let’s talk about how what happens when they do get in the water. There are a lot of options for accessories, toys, and floaties meant to make the pool experience more safe and fun. Choosing between swim trainers for smaller children and flotation devices such as pool noodles for older children will give you some peace of mind since they will have easy access to something that will keep them afloat.

Cleanliness Does Matter

A lot of people tend to overlook how important pool cleanliness is. Some people think cleanliness is about getting rid of a little debris that could make a pool look dirty, but there’s much more to worry about.

According to DocDeanSpools, a pool cleaning service in Windermere FL, pools can harbor a variety of harmful bacteria if not chemically balanced. If you’re able, test your pool before you let your kids swim in that water or ask someone about water checks if you’re at a public pool. The last thing you want is for your kids to get in water that has not been appropriately treated. 

Alarm Sensor

If you do have a pool at home, you can place pool water alarm sensors in the pool. These movement and lock sensors detect any little change, just in case your kids find a way to open the pool’s door and turn off the alarm.

Some options out there have applications built-in that will notify you through your phone that someone just went into the pool. You will have to keep your phone on you more often, but most people do that already, so it shouldn’t be too bad. All of this may seem excessive, but you know that it’s better to be safe than sorry. You may also be able to have alerts sent to your partner’s phone or the phones of older kids in the home.

Have the Pool Inspected Regularly

You should make sure your pool service specialist comes regularly to check out your pool. You want the specialist to focus on electrical equipment.

There are a lot of electrical cables around your pool, and you don’t want any electricity to come into contact with your pool. You and your kids could be at risk of electrocution without even knowing it.

Go and Learn CPR

If you are going to have your kids swimming in your pool, you want to learn CPR. You should also make sure older kids who supervise learn this skill as well. No matter how skilled your kids are, no matter how many precautions you take, the chances of something happening to either one of your children is still there.

If you know CPR, then you are going to feel more confident about your kids playing in your pool. Other kids’ parents are going to feel more comfortable about letting their children come to your home to play, too. This should make your kids much more popular with their friends, which is great. There are classes you can take everywhere, so you’ll probably be able to find one easily.

These are just some steps you can take to make the pool safer for your kids. You could talk to a pool specialist to see if there are other things you might have missed. This professional can assist in keeping your children safer as they have fun in the pool.

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