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Family Relocation: 4 Tips To Help Your Kids Adjust To Moving This Summer

When a family relocates, the process is always stressful because of the severe impact that moving has on kids. Children often experience negative emotions even if you’re only moving them to a nearby school district. They might express displeasure by crying, withdrawing or throwing tantrums.

Follow These Four Tips To Make The Transition Easier On Everyone:

Give Your Kids Time To Adjust

As soon as you know you must move, schedule a family meeting and explain the reasons for the move and the impact that it will have not only on your family unit but also on your kids’ lives. Children often look at a move in terms of what they will lose, such as easy access to certain people and favorite locations like a park or mall where they hang out.

Arrange Continued Access To Loved Ones

Ask your kids who they will miss the most and then help them arrange to maintain access to those people through letters and cards, social media and video conferencing. Your kids might miss a close relative, teacher, friends or even people who they merely think are “cool” like a neighbor who raises honeybees. If possible after the move, schedule face-to-face meetups with your kids’ distant loved ones.

Show Them Their New Community

If possible, visit the area months before the move so that your kids have plenty of time to get used to the similarities and differences between where you live now and the new community. Point out or walk through all of the community’s interesting spots, including their new school and public places like the closest library, parks and shopping centers. If you’re using a professional realtor like those at Re/Max of Boulder, Inc., ask for help with maps and suggestions.

Help Them Settle In Upon Arrival

The best way to reduce stress is by getting your kids settled in before tackling other rooms. Move your kids’ belongings a day or two before the rest so that they can stay in their rooms and relax or redecorate while you deal with other things. Or, place your kids’ belongings into the moving truck last and then ask your kids to start unpacking while you direct the transfer of boxes and items into other areas.

Whether you’re moving young kids, teens or both, you can make the adjustment less traumatic. You merely need to ease them into the transition, build excitement about this new life adventure and make the new place feel like home.

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