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Family Safety First: How to Limit Driving Distractions Caused by Your Children

Your children are generally the most important part of a parent’s life. However, they can be a source of distraction while driving. Therefore, you may be content to let them nap, watch TV or otherwise keep them occupied while on the road. Here are some easy steps that can help you keep your children from being a distraction while behind the wheel:

Keep Children Apart from Each Other

Kids who are bored may start poking, pinching or hitting others nearby. This could create a situation where you spend more time trying to break up a fight than you do paying attention to the road. By keeping multiple children seated far enough away from each other, they have no choice but to keep their hands to themselves.

Keep Your Kids from Talking too Much

Having books, videos or other activities for your child to enjoy silently can keep them from asking random questions or making noise while traveling. This may reduce the odds that you look away from the road to answer that question or try to stop the child from making a noise. While you shouldn’t expect your child to be silent, keeping the noise down may make it easier to concentrate. That may be especially important if you are in an unfamiliar area or may be tired yourself.

Take Your Kids to the Bathroom Before You Leave

There is nothing worse than a child who needs to go to the bathroom just after leaving the house. Instead of focusing on the road, you are now focused on finding a place to stop as soon as possible. It may also be a good idea to feed your child and provide drinks during the ride.

Keep Your Kids in the Back Seat

Children sitting in the front seat may be more likely to be hurt in an accident. It may also cause distraction if they decide to start playing with the radio or take your phone while the GPS is giving directions. Such a distraction might even cause you to fail to yield, which can have devastating consequences if you hit a pedestrian or crashed into another vehicle.

For most parents, there is no choice other than to bring their children when they go out. This means dealing with them while going to the store or out to dinner. However, by keeping them occupied, they may be more likely to remain quiet and less likely to be a distraction while driving.

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