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Family Savings on a Budget!

Guest Blog Author Sara Madigan contributed this article. 

Between having to put more money aside for the mortgage and having an extra mouth to feed, starting a new family can be stressful, both mentally and financially. Here are a few tips to help you save for that new, exciting phase in your life.

Looking to save some money, check out these handy tips.

Go Generic

Brands aren’t everything, and should probably be the last thing on your mind when times get tough. Grocery staples such as bread, butter, milk, and even meat and vegetables taste pretty much the same regardless of whether or not they are branded or your garden-variety “no frills” product. Sometimes it’s okay to splurge on fancy butter for special occasions, but if you’re buying these products every week, going generic can save a lot of money.

But it doesn’t have to stop at groceries; medicine can be a little pricey, and on top of hospital bills after a new baby, it can all get to be a little too much. Next time you have to fill a prescription at the chemist, consider getting a generic version, rather than the brand name. X works just as well as Y, and usually comes at half the cost.

White Vinegar

Speaking of cheap alternatives, not many people know the value of having a bottle of white vinegar around the house. White vinegar can be used as a cheap, green, multi-purpose cleaning solution. If you’ve got a slight case of mould in your kitchen or bathroom area, spray some white vinegar on the surface, leave for half an hour and then wipe it off with some water. You can also spray it on shower curtains and bathroom wall tiles to help prevent mould.

To create a non-toxic, environmentally friendly window-cleaning solution, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a mixture of white vinegar and water. White vinegar could also be used to get rid of stains on clothing; just dab some on the affected area and leave it in to soak before putting it in the washing machine.

Garage Sale

Making room for a new child often means having to rearrange your belongings. Maybe you need to clean out that old room you’ve been using for storage, or just need to clear out a few things to fit a crib in.  Either way, a garage sale is a good way to get rid of unwanted belongings while making some extra cash in the process. Just gather the things you want to toss, price them fairly, and put up some signs in the neighbourhood. If there are still leftover items from the garage sale, fulfill your good deed of the day by donating them to charity.

Sara Madigan is a writer interested in all things finance – from increasing your return on equity on investments, to finding small ways to save money around the house.

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