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Family Vacation: How to Save Money on Your Travels

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Family vacations are on many peoples’ minds as the summer approaches and kids are out of school. Whether you’re planning to visit family or see a new place these suggestions will help you save money. Here are five tips for your next family vacation.

Plan Well in Advance

Planning well in advance is the most important part of your efforts to save money.

The sooner you start preparing means you will have more time to find affordable places to visit and, ideally, see a variety of attractions that are cheap or free. You also have more opportunities to score deals from family, friends, and other contacts. Someone might end up offering their vacation home to you, a friend could call in a favor to a restaurant and get you a discount. You never know what your contacts could do for your family. So start planning as soon as possible to really try and squeeze any penny you can. Let your contacts know as soon as you can about your goals for family travel.

Stick to Your Budget

During your advance planning, you should have developed a budget. Although it may be difficult in the moment, try to stick to your family’s budget. And even more important, try to include the whole family in the planning process so you can address both interests and limitations. With a budget in mind, you will be less tempted to give in to those purchases for every souvenir insight and all kinds of other “must-haves” your children discover.

This does not mean you have to avoid shopping. In fact, you should attempt to support the local economy and retailers where you are vacationing. Just be sure to add room in your budget for souvenirs and the like.

Limit What You Spend on Food

You also should limit what you spend on food during your family vacation. If you are traveling by car, pack your ice chest with plenty of snacks, water, other go-to drinks, and even meals. Items like pasta salad and sandwich meat will last in your ice chest. If you are traveling by plane be sure to get your family full on a big meal before you get to the airport. Your airport food options will be more expensive they normally are, including fast food you might be tempted to eat.

Once you get to your destination, you should try not to eat out every meal. Try to source local produce and other goods to make meals at your vacation residence. Pack your day bags with snacks to enjoy while out sightseeing. And when able, you should stay somewhere that has a kitchen.

Score Deals on Lodging

Kitchens and other amenities must be considered when you are looking for a place to stay with children. When it comes to scoring deals on your lodging, you can search online for some great deals. Just make sure you pay attention to all the details, including reviews and cancellation policies. For example, if you are trying to visit a big city like Seattle which tend to be quite expensive, try googling for a short-term lease in Seattle to find options that will give you more bang for your buck than a traditional hotel while providing amenities better suited to your needs. 

Walk and Cycle When Able

Walk and cycle your way around town when you are on vacation. That’s another great way for you to save some money. Car service fees and taxi fares could add up to your family. If you are taking your own vehicle, you will still have to think about parking and fuel usage.

Do your research and map out your daily excursions as much as possible. Travel by foot when you can and pack those comfy shoes. And look into whether or not your destination has bicycle rentals. Some cities permit tourists to rent bikes from the local government. You also might have access to bike rental shops in the destination you all are visiting.

Save Money Where You Can Save It

You need to try and save money any way that you can when it comes to your family vacation. To do this you should try to utilize the five tips presented above to you. And best wishes as you further develop your family vacation plans. Enjoy this special time with your family.


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