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Fashion Phenom: How to Help Your Teen Son Look His Best

Most guys are not particularly tuned in to their style, and this is particularly true of teenage guys. Some do not know how to appear stylish, make use of old style tips or insist on creating their own styles. What is a mother to do?

The smart mother will carefully find out how much her son cares about style, and, depending on the answer she gets, will set about teaching him some basic style tips that will serve him well for the rest of his life.

Teen sons who express interest in being more stylish may be open to specific instructions. However, teen guys who want nothing to do with style may need to be taught with sneaky tips worked into conversations and even into their closets.

All in the Accessories

Moms can purchase some accessories for teen sons who are not super into amping up their personal styles. Accessories are not only easy on the wallet, but are also easier for the stubborn mind to get past. Consider classic wristwatches and wide belts to catch the eye. A ratchet belt or grip belt is a good option because it has interchangeable buckles and straps with long-lasting wear.

Keep It Cool up Top

Getting a son to cut his hair can be difficult especially for guys who love shaggy hair, but, for the most part, long hairdos for guys are out of style. Instead, stylish teens are going for looks that often used to be considered the thing for young adults.

For example, the old buzz cut has morphed into the thoroughly modern fade cut with a variety of options within this category. The high skin fade and mid fade are the most popular.

Guys who insist on having a longer look can be guided toward the tousled cut or even a modern pompadour, which keeps longer hair on the top of the head.

Sometimes Simple Is Best

Teen sons need to be told that being stylish does not require going all out on a new wardrobe and accessories that look as if they came right off the catwalk.

In fact, simple styles that can be bought on the cheap at a big box store or a mid-range department store often give the most bang for the buck. Plain styles, such as unadorned denim pants and solid white or black t-shirts, give teens a confident appearance.

Avoid the Droopy Look

Moms who notice their sons modeling the slouchy, droopy, overly casual look need to immediately step into action. While this look may have been all the thing in the 1990s, today it merely gives off the “I don’t care” vibe.

Moms can show teen guys how to shop for a good cut and an excellent fit and can teach the concept that quality is always better than quantity.

Do Not Be So Attached

Some teens are incredibly attached to clothing that they have worn for years. They may label it as comfortable or cool, but the truth of the matter is that it is most likely worn out and out-of-date.

Guys should stay away from clothing that has been stretched out of shape, balled up from repeated washings and worn out in the knees or elbows.

Teens who are stylish and who look and feel good have a much easier time impressing potential employers, college admissions officers, potential girlfriends and even themselves than do their sloppy counterparts.

While style should certainly be individualized to fit personal tastes, general rules of style and dress should be followed. A mom definitely has a key role to play in teaching her teen son these rules in a non-threatening yet helpful way.

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