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Fashionable Family: 4 Ways to Get Ready for Formal Events

When it comes to dressing up, getting the whole family on board can be a struggle. Coordinating outfits across generations might well turn into an ordeal when it comes to enticing smaller children into stuffy outfits, but for formal events, dressing up is a necessary evil. So, how do you get the whole family cleaned up nicely?

Strike a Matching Balance

While completely matching outfits read as dated and boring, a great motivator for children is emulating the adults they admire. For girls, this might mean a similar silhouette, fabric, or pattern to mom’s outfit, or matching accessories like a hair ornament or statement necklace. Boys are a little more limited in this regard as they’ll probably be confined to either a suit or button down and dress pants, but these can still be coordinated to match with dad. If that’s not enough to convince little man, try adding on more small touches like matching suspenders, ties, or bow ties.

Coif Those Curls

Using everything at your disposal will be required when it comes to hair. Most girls love getting their hair done, making the allure of an elegant hairstyle a great ally when it comes to dressing up a hesitant little princess. Matching with mom can be a motivator to create cute hairstyles for young girls. For events that will last a decent chunk of time, it’s probably best to opt for a relatively simple, easy to upkeep style that doesn’t feature too many pins or clips that could become uncomfortable.

Layer Up

To ensure everyone stays comfortable, be proactive with your outfit choices. Cardigans or structured blazers can top off a dressy, feminine look, and can also be used to dress up a more casual outfit for a girl who can’t be coaxed into something more formal. For boys, a suit jacket, vest, collared shirt, and undershirt may sound like a lot, but layers are easily added or removed to keep cozy. An added benefit: fussy children who want to tear their clothing off can be compromised with by removing a layer or two.

Bring Some Personality

To get particularly stubborn children on board, allowing a choice of small personal touches can help to sway a staunch denial. For girls this might mean tights, leggings, legwarmers, jewelry, hair ornaments, or scarves; for boys, ties, socks, hats, bow ties, or watches. A little personality isn’t necessarily incompatible with a formal outfit.

Getting dressed up as a family is fabulous fun, barring any child meltdowns. Hopefully making use of these tips will get your family dressed to the nines with as little stress as possible.

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