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Father & Son Projects to Try Out This Summer

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Spending time with your kids is extremely important especially while they are growing up. It is especially important to have this quality time with your teen as they develop into an adult. After working a fulltime job, cleaning, and shopping, it can be challenging to schedule out enough time for these bonding experiences with your teenager. The following are a few summer projects you can plan with your teen this summer.

Survival Skills

The two of you can learn how to survive in nature. Teaching your son how to do things in nature is important, and it could come in handy later in life. There’s a lot you can teach that you can learn together. For example, you can teach him how to swim, hunt, and fish. Not only will your son know how to survive in the wilderness, but he can also save money when he grows up. You know how expensive fish is, but he can avoid those prices by catching his own. There are other things you can teach your kid, like having him learn how to forage since there are a lot of edible plants and mushrooms that you can pick and eat. You can usually forage certain things at state or national parks; just be sure to check the rules.

Building a Garage

If you want your project to be a little more home-based, then why not consider building something for your home. You two can build a garage or maybe even a storage unit for your home. This might sound intimidating at first, but you can buy steel prefab buildings that are easy to build yourself. You will get everything you need to build this garage or storage unit with your son. This is another project that will help you bond with your kid and teach him a life lesson. Knowing how to build is an important skill. After this project, you guys can consider doing bigger ones. There’s no telling what your kid will want to do when he grows up, but this skill could bring in some easy cash.

Fixing a Project Car

Mechanics is an important skill you should pass down to your kid. There’s no better way to teach your kid about cars than by having him help with a project car. Just go online and find someone with a car that needs a lot of work. Most of the time, these vehicles are affordable since they are probably not working, so it won’t cost much. Since you are going to be putting in a lot of work, consider purchasing a classic, which can be worth more when you are done restoring it. You’ll be teaching your kid how to invest money along with the mechanical skills he’ll be learning. Restoring a vehicle can take some time, so plan on working on it for a while.

Plant a Food Garden

Maybe the right project for you is a food garden. Here, you have an opportunity to teach another life skill that may be helpful later in life. Gardening can take some time to learn, but it’s definitely a skill worth investing in because you get food as a reward. You are teaching your kid to be self-sustaining and to save money. At the end of the project, you may be able to skip some trips to the grocery store because you’ll have food growing in your backyard. If you plant enough food, you can give some away to friends or family members. If you two are business-minded, maybe you can start your own business. This could be your next project together. Plant foods that will grow easily in your climate to make it easier on yourselves.

Think of Volunteering

Chances are there’s something you can do to help others in your community or the surrounding areas. Many organizations are looking for people to help them out with something. Maybe there’s an organization building homes for the poor, or maybe there’s an organization that feeds the homeless. Try to find something you both can enjoy doing together and volunteer. Not only will you be spending time together, but you’ll be teaching your kid to empathize with others. A lot is going on in the world. There are a lot of injustices that you can fight together.

Whatever you choose, include your son in the decision process. Things should be better when your child has some input so that you both end up doing something you want to do.

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