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Feeling Insecure? 5 Signs You Need to Buy a Safe

You might find yourself often worrying over the security of your possessions, or even be distracted at work or losing sleep at night. If so, it’s time to break down and spend the money to protect your valuables. In most cases your best option is a quality home safe. Here are some sure indicators that it’s time to invest in one.

You Own Guns

Most people buy guns for hunting, sport, or home defense. Whatever your reasons, guns need to be kept in a safe when not in use. Apart from the threat to any children who might get their hands on one, guns, ironically, are a favorite target of thieves who can easily resell them on the street.

You Keep Confidential Papers

Important papers such as insurance policies, deeds and titles, stock certificates, medical records, and similar documents should be kept in a safe. Keep them protected from criminals by securing them in a safe that’s fireproof and waterproof so your important documents won’t be ruined by fire or leaking water.

You Have Loose Valuables

Many women, and some men, have a lot of money tied up in jewelry. Some of it is liable to be easily replaced, but some might include gold, gems, expensive watches, or luxury brand names. Whenever you’re away from home, you need the right safe to keep them protected. Just leaving them in a drawer or scattered atop a dresser is just inviting any intruders to make off with them.

You’re a Collector

There’s an extraordinary number of things that are collectable once they become rare and still are in great condition. This includes antiques, coins, old currency, stamps, and yes, even comic books and baseball cards. Don’t risk losing what may be a considerable investment in time as well as money.

You Have Poor Insurance Coverage

Even if you have homeowners or renters insurance that covers your valuables, it may not be enough. Some things are simply unique or have great sentimental value so that they can’t be replaced. Other items may not be covered under your insurance policy. You may choose to save money and headaches over the long haul by cancelling the policy and keeping special items in a good safe.

There are many safe types and sizes. Talk to a local safe company like Southern California Security Centers about getting a model that’s right for your security needs. Ask about options for modern locking mechanisms and the best way to keep everything secure.

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