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Feng Shui Fun: 4 Home Decor and Furniture Ideas for Maximum Flow

Do you plan to redecorate your home this year, or maybe just a room? Many people enjoy the look and benefits of Feng shui. This ancient Chinese philosophy encourages balance in how things are built and arranged, for the optimal flow of qi (energy).

Have Fun with Color

As an interior design plan, Feng shui is characterized by light, airy space with no clutter. Each design element is carefully chosen for a purpose, to create simple, harmonious beauty. Here are some basic Feng shui decorating ideas for you to consider. In Feng shui, certain colors represent an aspect of the five elements, explains an article from Each compass point has a ruling color, so the colors you choose should be according to the direction they are facing in your home. There are several hues that you could pick within each group, so you are not limited to a monochromatic design. Have some fun coordinating color schemes for your new room.

Buy New Furniture

Once you have identified the element that you plan to represent in your space, look at your furniture. You might consider purchasing some new furniture to blend with the older pieces. For example, you can bring Feng shui harmony to your living room by using elements of Earth. Since these colors are warm, sandy, and neutral, it would be easy to find furniture to incorporate into the design. Feng shui experts discourage antique pieces, since these may have residual negative energy.

Using Light

Another hallmark of good Feng shui is the generous use of light throughout your home, especially in the living room. It is believed to bring luck and tranquility to the family. When you are redecorating, take advantage of any natural light sources in your space, such as windows. Pick lighting fixtures that are rounded for the ultimate effect.

Arranging Your Furniture

How the furniture is arranged in the room depends on the location of the room, and where the windows and doors are. Are you redecorating your bedroom? In a Feng shui bedroom, your bed should be the focal point of the room. Your bedroom furniture should be minimal and provide enough space for you to breathe and relax. Within each type of room, there are a few Feng shui options for arranging your furniture according to the space you have.

Other Design Elements

If you hang any pictures, Feng shui experts encourage them to be related to nature. You might consider soothing botanical prints, or some peaceful animals. Coordinate colors within your appropriate design. Use fabrics and textures that are pleasing and reminiscent of nature. Avoid sharp, pointy objects that may disturb the room’s energy.

Enjoy the benefits of Feng shui design for your home. It is a creative experience that will teach you a lot about how you and your family live. The open space and serenity you create with this philosophical design are worth it.

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