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Find Your Family’s Spot – Popular Areas to Raise Kids In

Let the quest of raising kids in optimal communities begin. Here you will find some great information about popular areas to raise children. From chocolate to Forbes – popular places to raise the kids comes in all shapes, sizes and scenarios.

Reputable Word of Mouth

When looking for ideal locations to raise your most valuable commodity – children, rely on reputation. Speaking of Forbes and raising a family, check out the first location receiving high marks from this reputable resource. We’re talking, Raleigh, North Carolina. This kid-friendly, oak tree-lined-climbing community with its impressive schools, low cost of living and low crime ratings is abounding with family-friendliness.

Grand Rapids, Michigan was donned as Forbes’ most popular locale to raise the kiddos in 2012. Grand Rapids’ solid family environment remains. Raleigh has since acquired Forbes’ first place family-friendly locale by building “a solid economy around financial services, software and energy, a major retail shipping operation and its renowned Research Triangle.” In other words, Raleigh’s strong community rocks.

Tailored Neighborhoods

Finding a property in the area you desire that is as closely tailor-made to your specifications as possible is a worthwhile avenue to research. Professionals, like those at EXIT Lakes Realty Premier, know that finding somewhere that accommodates these needs can be hard to find. Quality neighborhood perks and specifications for raising a family safely and securely vary greatly. The beautifully lush landscapes of Austin, Texas is worth a closer look. Austin’s “Keep Austin Weird” slogan was ripped off from Portland, Oregon, but the concept still holds true.  Though it may have interesting cultural motifs; and marketing blurbs aside, this lovely town ignites charming, family-friendly invitation. Kids can swim, fish, kayak, water-ski or simply play a great night-owl game of hide-and seek with the other neighbor kids – safely and securely. Lake Austin and Lake Travis in particular stand out with stellar scenic views, home security measures, privacy, serenity and plenty of Mother Nature. Elegant homes, manicured golf courses and plenty of room to throw the ball around are only a few of Austin’s note-worthy, tailor-designed perks for fantastic family living.

Unique Areas

Kids, Solon, Ohio is calling your name with just a hint of a chocolatey dare. Solon’s Nestlé’s Chocolate manufacturing is ready to fulfill your taste buds with ooey, gooey chocolatey, neighborhood deliciousness; that is, right after you sample a bit from their Stouffer’s and Lean Cuisine tasty meal options first. Moms and dads will also love Solon’s safe atmosphere, excellent school systems and population diversity.

Raising kids in a great neighborhood doesn’t have to be taxing. Keep eyes and ears peeled to the great advantages cities like these have to offer.

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