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Finding Peace At Home: How to Build Unity in a Fighting Family

876248679_0e1537b9aa_oEven though a home is supposed to be where the heart is, many families still fight a lot. Truthfully, arguments will happen. They’re a part of life. Unfortunately, many people don’t learn the skill of conflict resolution. As the family continues to grow with children, there are more people in the home and more opportunities for conflict to arise. Though your home may be filled with contention, it doesn’t have to stay this way. There are a few ways to build unity in a fighting family that can bring peace. Consider some of these unity-building tactics and see which ones work best for your family.

Form Traditions

Family traditions are wonderful ways to bring the families together and create positive memories. Try to implement family traditions on a consistent basis. For starters, start with a fun event the family can look forward to on a weekly or monthly basis. It might be a movie night or dining out at a restaurant.

Exercise Together

Once a month, the family could engage in any challenging activity that requires working together. This activity could be a local obstacle course or a marathon. To make things even more fun, you could think about getting matching t-shirts. There are actual businesses out there, like Absolute Screen Printing, who will print the shirts for you with exactly what you want on them. You could even have them put your family logo or motto on the front and each person’s nickname on the back too.

Prepare a Meal

Whether it happens once a week or once every two weeks, the family should get into the habit of creating one meal together. Plan out what the meal will be and then break the steps down. Give the easier steps to the younger children and allow the older ones to do the hardest tasks that involve knives or turning on the stove. Once the meal is prepared, everyone can be proud of the work they completed together.

Play Sports

Sports like football and basketball are great for exercise and weight management. They’re also really great for bonding and bringing a family together. Once the family is broken into two teams, the people on that team have to work together to pass the ball, score points and win. This is also a great way for certain family members to let their frustrations out.

Help Others Out

There are lots of organizations that regularly invite volunteers to come out and help. Find a local food shelter that delivers food to the doorsteps of those who are low-income and physically limited. One person can pass boxes and another family member can store food in those boxes. Continue an assembly line until the food boxes are ready to go in the car for delivery. By doing this regularly and making it a tradition, this could possibly help your family grow together for a common cause.

Board Games

Board games like Taboo and Catchphrase require all members of each team to put their thinking caps on to come to a solution. Winning is a great incentive for people to work together, especially if there is a prize involved. For example, you could choose to eat ice cream afterwards and have the losing team serve the winning team before everyone eats it together.

All of these traditions are lots of fun and can really help build unity within a family. Before long, the arguing can be replaced with laughter. Instead of a home filled with strife and war, you’ll be able to enjoy peaceful and loving one.

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