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Finding Support for New Military Families

Military families are far more than just spouses and their children; being a military family means you’re connected to millions of others throughout the world who understand the unique challenges and struggles you’ll face as one or more members serve their country.

Once you welcome a child into your household, finding support to help you navigate relocation, deployments and military mental health is easier than you may think.

Family Services Support

The U.S. Armed Forces offer services to families including relocation and legal assistance, childcare, and development programs, such as money management consultation and counseling.

The U.S. Army has the Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation program, which offers a wide range of activities and a chance to connect with other military families throughout the world.

Families in the Marines and Navy can take advantage of the Marine Family Program and the Navy’s Fleet and Family Support Care services.

Military OneSource

OneSource is a 24-hour service dedicated to providing families with support regarding every aspect of the military lifestyle. These are some of the available resources.

  • Moving and housing assistance
  • Confidential counseling services for active duty personnel and family members
  • Continued education and employment opportunities
  • Healthcare and wellness information

No matter what your question is or what you need, OneSource will either be able to help you directly or refer you to someone else who can. It’s a good starting point for those who need help.

Virtual Support Groups

There are many online support groups for military families, including groups exclusively for military moms, wives, and soldiers. Parents who are in the armed forces or parents of those in the armed forces can also find support. Being a Marine mom means facing long periods of time away from your child, and adjusting to that uncertainty and anxiety requires support. In addition to individual counseling, support groups can make it easier for you to share your experiences and find comfort in others’ stories.

Operation We Are Here

This directory for military families offers a variety of sources for caregivers, families managing deployment and parents in the military. There are also numerous charity guides, book lists, family coaching and counseling resources to help families thrive.

Having access to everything in one place can make coping with the changes of military life much easier. Whether you’re an active-duty soldier or married to one, adjusting to life as a family takes time. You’ll have unique challenges to face in the military, but that doesn’t mean you can’t weather them together and provide a bright, wonderful life for your children.

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