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Finding The Right Dentist For You

Odontophobia (fear of the dentist) is something that troubles a large amount of people but the best way to get around this is to find a dentist that is absolutely perfect for you. The last thing you want is for your teeth to suffer because of your fear of getting them checked out every now and again. Bad oral health can affect more than just your teeth too; it can decrease your confidence and make you feel like you never want to smile again which could even lead to depression.

As we get older it can be easy to forget about regular dental check-ups but doing this could soon come back to haunt you at a later date. So what are the things to look for when finding the perfect dentist?

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They Make You Feel Comfortable –

Something that definitely won’t do anything to alleviate your fear of the dentist is if you are constantly on edge for the entire time you are there. Therefore you need to find someone that makes you feel at ease and totally comfortable throughout your time in the chair. This could either be through relaxing and engaging conversation or just the general body language of the dentist that makes you feel like you have nothing to worry about.

They Have An Understanding Of Your Fears –

Because dental phobias are so common are lot of dentists will totally understand what you are going through. Some practises may even have treatment on hand for people that suffer severely from a fear of the dentist. The fact that a surgery offers dental sedation or hypnosis to help patients overcome their phobias should put it high up on your list of possible dentists.

Someone Who Is In it For The Long Run –

Unless you move out of the area the chances are that you are going to stick with your dentist for a large part of your life so you need to choose someone that you know is going to stick around. It’s also important to find someone that you get on well with and can form a lasting relationship with as you are going to be seeing them at least twice a year for a very long time.

They Talk Treatments Through With You –

For someone that suffers from odontophobia, one of the biggest fears is that the dentist will find something wrong with your teeth and then begin work there and then without going into any detail of the whys and whatfors. With this being the case it is important to find a dentist that is happy to talk through any treatment with you and discuss all the options you have available. A dentist that is conscientious enough to do this is sure to put your mind at rest.

They Are Safety Conscious –

As in any medical situation, safety should be paramount at the dentist. A dentist that regards safety as highly as it should be is sure to feature at the top of your list. Being safety conscious can come in many forms from making sure that you are sufficiently anesthetised to ensuring that you don’t fall of the chair.

Chris Mayhew is very conscious about his oral hygiene but is still not really keen on visiting the dentist. He would recommend Smilecare, who offer cosmetic dentistry in Plymouth, for anyone looking for the perfect dentist.

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