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Finding Your Place: 4 Tips to Help You Locate the Right Community to Call Home

If you’re searching for a new home, then there’s a lot more to the search than just looking for a house that feels like home. The surrounding area is just as important as the house itself. To help you pick not just the right home but also the right community to call your own, consider these four tips.

Geographic Location

First, you should take a look around. How close is your home to schools, universities, your job? If transit doesn’t bother you, then maybe you want to have your home closer to good schools or in an isolated community? If you prefer a quick transit to and from your job and stores, then you may want to choose a neighborhood and community that rests closer to those locations. Essentially, do a bit of research to make sure that your home is in a location that will work for the needs of your family.


To ensure that you have the right community for what you would like to call home, take some time to walk around and get a feel for the neighborhood. Is it noisy? Are the neighbors friendly? You might want to consider asking anyone you know who lives in the area already for their opinion. You should also understand your desires for your neighborhood. Do you want to be left alone or do you want that sense of community and belonging where everyone knows each other and helps each other out?

Crime Statistics

A really big help to determine if the neighborhood is right for you is by taking the time to research the crime statistics of that area. You may find that the home you want is situated next door to a convicted child molester. It may seem like the prettiest home on the block, but do you really think that’s the kind of community you want to be around?

Call upon Friends

Briefly mentioned before, one of the best assets you can utilize are your friends. Whether you are thinking about moving in the same neighborhood as them or not, they may have additional information that could prove to be vital. They can also likely offer reliable opinions that those looking to sell their homes might not offer to you.

Buying a home is a big deal. You want to make sure that the surrounding community fits you just as well as the house does.

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