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Five Exciting Careers That Allow You To Make A Difference In Your Community

One of the most exciting and motivating things about choosing a career, for many people, is the idea that the career they choose has the potential to have a real and lasting impact on their community and the people in it. Whether you enjoy working with kids, or adults, if you desire a highly physical job or prefer a primarily desk job, there are careers that match your interests and talents that allow you to make a difference.


Teachers devote their lives to instructing students and preparing them for life outside of school. Well educated and socially aware kids make for strong community members as they grow up. Teachers impact their community both in the present and for the future to come.

Public Servant

Public servants, such as police officers, fire fighters, and emergency responders are vital to the safety and well being of community members. In addition to their immediate help during emergencies, many first responders also serve in educational roles. They teach the public about important health and safety issues such as traffic safety, first aid, and fire safety.

 Business Owner

Business owners have the potential to be extremely impactful in their community. Well-run businesses bring important money into the neighborhood. Attracting people to the community is beneficial to everyone that lives there. Local business owners also provide important services to the residents. In addition, business owners are often given other opportunities to serve, such as sponsoring a sports team or speaking to a girl scout troop.

 Civil Engineer

Civil engineers have a direct impact on how our communities look and function. They are responsible for planning infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, railways, and bridges. They have to be careful to plan in an efficient way that is aesthetic, functional, safe, and environmentally friendly. Much of how communities look and function is because of civil engineers. Getting a master’s in civil engineering online can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this career.

Nonprofit Worker

Nonprofit organizations do a huge amount of good in communities. Many positions in non-profits are volunteer driven, but paid careers do exist. Nonprofits serve people of all ages, socioeconomic , and education status. Some examples of nonprofit work include after school work with kids, organizing food or clothing drives, and camp and park programs. If you have a special skill set that you think would benefit your community, this may the route for you to go.

Communities are strong because of the people that live and work there. Choose your career carefully and consider one that could have a lasting impact on the community where you live.

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