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Five Ideas for Helping Elderly Family Members Remain Independent

Until the time when your elderly family members have serious physical and/or mental problems and need the constant care of an assisted living facility or a nursing home, nothing means more to them than having the independence of living in their own homes and living happy lives that they have control over.

1. Hire a maid or cleaning service

Depending on how much cleaning a home requires, you or the family member can make arrangements for such a service to come in on a regular but not frequent schedule if cost is an issue. Keeping the home clean and orderly will create an atmosphere of peacefulness and the ability to have guests visit at any time without worrying about how the house looks.

2. Hire a helper for other chores

A “care giver” hired to come in perhaps once a week takes a huge burden off the loved one, especially if he or she also has physical problems. That type of helper can help with showering and dressing if needed, cook meals, change bed sheets, do laundry and other tasks that are too difficult.

3. Let the elderly keep their cars

All too often children feel that the family member is getting too old to drive and should be willing to give up his or her car. That takes away from the independence of at least being able to have a neighbor or helper do the driving and being able to get to appointments, the beauty or barber shop, go out to lunch, go shopping and so much more.

4. Encourage social activities

An older person ages much quicker cooped up in the house. Going out with friends, playing bingo or cards, going to movies, having regular meetings with others in a reading or hobby group or other choices will keep the family member happy and excited about life and give him or her events to look forward to.

5. Have them wear a life support necklace or bracelet

If there are chronic ailments or physical problems involved in the person’s life, you will all have peace of mind with a life support system. By wearing the necklace or bracelet all the time, the loved one can just press a button and get help if an illness or accident should occur.

Helping your elderly loved ones to hopefully live out their lives in an independent fashion will be the most appreciated thing that you can do for them.

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