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Five Last Minute Moves to Practice Before Your Driver’s Test

Getting ready to take your driver’s test can be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Most teens are a little nervous when the big day finally arrives and that is perfectly normal. Just remember to take a deep breath and relax. The best way to help calm your nerves and increase your chances of passing is to practice ahead of time. Here are five last-minute moves you’ll want to have down before you take your driver’s test.

Starting and Stopping

Starting is the first thing you’re going to be showing the examiner. You should be able to accelerate your car smoothly with no jerking motions. You also need to be able to stop steadily. Practice stopping and starting until you can do both seamlessly.

Making Turns

Practice using your signals and slowing down adequately before you make a turn. You don’t want to swing around a corner too fast, but you also don’t want to crawl around it, as both can be dangerous and cause you to lose points. Make sure you’re equally comfortable with both left and right turns.

Changing Lanes

Switching lanes in a business district can be a little tricky, especially if there’s a good amount of traffic, so work on using your mirrors to help you change lanes. Practice keeping a steady speed and leaving enough room between you and the cars around you, and don’t forget to always use your signal.

Parking in a Parking Lot

Knowing how to pull into and out of a parking space with cars on either side is important. Get familiar with the amount of space you need before you start turning. There’s not much worse than failing your driver’s test before you really have a chance because you scraped the guy next to you.

Parallel Parking

This is one you should practice as much as possible. You need to be able to get your car backed into the space smoothly, without banging into the curb and without being too far from it. Make sure you’re comfortable with the whole process, from the first backup, to straightening it out in the allowed number of movements.

If you’re comfortable with these moves when you take your test, you’ll be better prepared for passing it. You can also check out for some more helpful information.

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