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Five Moving Tips for Your Family: How To Make Unpacking Easier

Unpacking starts as soon as you drop the last box off in your new abode. However, once everything’s sitting in your living room, where do you start? How can you make the unpacking process just a little bit easier? These are five tips for making unpacking an easier process. There are certainly many ways to go about unpacking, but these tips can be a great place to start.

Situate Large Items First

Before you go digging out your cord box or fine china, be sure to situate all of your large items first. This means you should assemble beds, place couches, set up entertainment centers and TVs, end tables, etc. This way, you don’t have to maneuver the larger furniture around smaller items on the floor. Additionally, you’ll have places to start storing your smaller items. For example, your entertainment center decorations will instantly have a place to go as soon as they’re unpacked.

Switch Between Rooms Often

Don’t make the mistake of spending too long unpacking in one room. You might start carelessly decorating and slinging items around just to get the process over with as soon as possible. If one room starts to feel like a dungeon, just move onto another room for a change of scenery.

Pay a Friend to Help

Just like the packing process, the unpacking process can be just as tedious. In some cases, it really can be more than your family can handle. If you have an able-bodied friend, pay him or her to come over and help out with unloading the heavier items. You can reimburse his or her efforts with pizza and beer or pay them flat out with cash.

Start as Soon as Possible

Once it’s time to start unpacking, don’t put it off until later. A chore for later will easily become boxes still sitting around your house months down the line. Start the unpacking process and don’t stop until every single thing you packed is in its place in your new home.

Work on One Box at a Time

Lastly, take your time when you’re working through your moving boxes. Once you open a box up, be sure to work through it and completely unpack it before moving onto the next one. This cuts down on clutter and ensures that each group of items is accounted for.

If all else fails and you can’t feasibly find a way to get your stuff unpacked in a legitimate amount of time, consider hiring a moving company to help you unpack. It can save lots of time and energy, and you’ll quickly be able to enjoy your things in your new home! Some moves could require a staging area for between the two locations. A company such as Jia Jia International Moving Inc. (who do moving and storage in Toronto) could help you sort out all logistics of such a situation. If you do decide to hire help, make sure you’ve researched the company first to check for fully-trained employees and quality reviews.

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