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Five Skills Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids Before They Leave The Nest

Whether they are headed to college or moving out on their own, there are skills every kid should know before leaving the nest. Here are five you should make sure they have.

Household Skills

Whether they are living in a dorm, an apartment or house, your child needs to know what it takes to make a home. Make sure they have at least basic cooking skills, and know how to do their laundry without shrinking it or turning everything an odd shade of pink. Their home won’t clean itself, so pull out the cleaning supplies and teach your child how to use them. It is also important for them to know how to handle minor household emergencies such as unclogging a toilet.

Minor Car Repairs

Before you wave goodbye as your son or daughter drives away into their future, make sure they have at least some understanding how to take care of that car they are driving. Every kid should know how to change a tire, check (and even change) the oil, change a bulb, spark plug or battery, and other minor repairs. Before the leave, go to a parts store like Arnold Motor Supply and get a backup supply of essentials they may need to make minor car repairs.

Financial Skills

One of the first things a kid leaving home find out is that money in their wallet doesn’t stretch nearly as far as money in mom or dad’s wallet. Make sure your child knows how to budget and pay bills, as well as use a credit card responsibly. Beyond that, make sure they know how to comparison shop to get the best deals.

Minor Medical Care

When your child gets a cold or the flu, mommy and daddy won’t be there to serve chicken soup. Make sure they know how to treat a minor illness or injury.

Social Readiness

For many kids, leaving home for school is the first time they will encounter living without family and friends surrounding them. Make sure they know how to be alone without feeling left out. Also, they need the social skills to meet new people and make friends. Self-confidence is a critical skill so that they can make good social decisions and stay true to their beliefs.

Leaving home is an exciting time for your kids and their first step to becoming adults. Make sure they have the essential skills they need to succeed.

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