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Five Steps To Finding A New Job

Searching for a new job can be one of the most stressful and exciting tasks in life. You might be thrilled about the opportunity to move on from a job that you hate. Then again, you might be out of work and in a state of panic about finding a job and finding one fast. Finding a new career doesn’t have to be overly complicated and stressful on the applicant. Here are a few simple steps to take toward uncovering a new job.

Looking for a new job? Follow these steps.1. Begin with your basic job search.

You need to get a sense of what jobs are on the market and what positions you want to apply for. Job seekers should begin by consulting job search engines and perhaps even an employment agency. These outlets will be able to tell you what jobs are on the market and what positions might be the right fit. When you search for jobs, don’t just search for the same keywords. Think of the different names for the position that you want in order to expand your search results. 

2. Build up your résumé and brand.

Every job applicant has something special that they bring to the table. However, not all job recruiters are going to see this if you don’t spend some time on your résumé. Job seekers need to create social profiles where businesses can better get to know them.

3. Reach out to your connections.

Before you start applying to jobs on boards and through temporary staffing agencies, you should at least see if your own connections have work for you. If you don’t reach out to your network, the answer will always be no in terms of a position. Some job applicants bemoan this advice when they have no connections. In this case, it is best to turn to a job agency that can put you in touch with companies directly. You need to use the agency’s connections in order to score a job.

4. Apply to positions you care about.

One of the main reasons that a person seeks a new job is that they hate their old position. You don’t want to fall into the same trap by applying to jobs that you aren’t passionate about. Job seekers should organize and list the companies they want to work with and apply to open positions.

5. Follow up.

You might have been called in for an interview or submitted your résumé to a job posting. However, in order to truly show your interest in a position, you need to follow up with the employer. You can send out an email or write a personal thank-you note after an interview so that the employer knows that you are serious about the position.

Janice enjoys writing about careers and anything that has to do with having a career that you love. She recently came across, a company that provides workforce solutions to customers in a variety of industries. 

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