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Five Things Every Expecting Mother Should Consider

The second that little plus sign appears on a pregnancy test, the decisions for the mother begin. Even seemingly easy choices can seem overwhelming to a new mom. While mothers are faced with new decisions nearly every day of her pregnancy (and throughout motherhood), there are five things that every mother should think about as early in her pregnancy as possible.

Where to Give Birth

Hospitals, birthing centers or giving birth at home are the main choices. There is no easy way to make this decision. Sometimes it all comes down to hearsay. For example, if Mom wants to give birth in a hospital, asking friends or family that have had their babies at a particular hospital might help. The birth of a baby is exciting, yet terrifying. Nurses, who provide the most care, can make or break the experience. The best way to determine the quality and temperament of the nursing staff is to ask mothers who have delivered there. 

Type of Pain Management

Mothers should be flexible when it comes to pain relief. Some mothers that swear that they are going to give birth drug-free are ready for an epidural once that first intense contraction hits. No matter what type of pain relief the mother ends up choosing, she should not feel badly.

Who Will Make Decisions if Problems Arise

Although complications are rare, they can happen. If the mother is not able to make decisions for herself, she needs decide who will. While most people would pass this responsibility to their spouse, Mom should ask herself if that is the best choice. She needs to make sure that this person will respect her wishes.

Prenatal Care

The proper care before giving birth is important. This can help ensure that both mom and baby are healthy, and that no complications arise. Going to your regular checkups are important, and you should never skip out on important lab work with. Health professionals with an online sonography degree can provide you with important information about your pregnancy. A maternal fetal specialist can help with complications, should they arise. Some women are okay with mainly communicating with their family doctor, but it’s important to work with specialists who can monitor your pregnancy closely too.


The parents should also discuss who is going to watch the baby once he or she is here. Whether mom or dad will stay home or the child will go to day care, a decision needs to be made so that all the accompanying arrangements can be discussed.

Having a baby is one of the biggest change in a couple’s life. With a little preparation and discussion, they will be able to enjoy the transition into parenthood with a little less stress.

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