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Five Things You Need To Do Before Teaching Your Teen To Drive

At an early age, it’s critical to prepare your child to become a safe driver. This starts from a very young age through adolescence. When your teen becomes close to driving age, which in some states allows them to get a learner’s permit at 15 years of age, start teaching your teen what safety precautions to use behind the wheel. Along with safety, there’s state-specific requirements of potential drivers.

Set an Example Every Time You’re in the Car Together

Within several years of the time your teen is ready to take the test to obtain their driving learner’s permit, quiz them every time you’re behind the wheel. Children, even at a very young age, quickly learn to stop at stop signs, to buckle-up and understand the importance of safety behind the wheel. When your teen is almost ready to learn how to drive, quizzing them while you’re driving regarding the state’s driving rules and regulations will prepare them any obstacles they might not expect. Simply review the manual, then when you drive, ask the teen questions regarding safe driving.

Go to an Eye Doctor for Eye Exam

Most states require an eye exam to ensure drivers can see properly, with or without glasses or contacts. Understand the requirements for vision from the state’s motor vehicle department and ensure your teen’s vision is acceptable to operate a vehicle. Most state’s allow driver’s to use their eyeglasses or contacts to take the test. Even without considering your teen is going to drive, an eye exam is normal once a every year or two, say the experts at Dr. Bishop & Associates.

Ensure Your Teen is Knowledgeable of the State-Issued Driver’s Manual

Each state issues a driver’s manual for those ready to obtain their learner’s permit and get behind the wheel of a car. These manuals are crucial to understand the state’s rules of the road and become a safe driver. Start reviewing the state’s rules for driving several months before you expect them to take the test to obtain their learner’s permit. This will ensure your teen is a safe driver and can pass the state’s exam to start driving legally.

Driving School

Many states offer insurance discounts if your teen attends driving classes. These classes are offered through their high school or independent companies credentialed by each state. Through classroom training and hands-on experience, students learn about driving under the supervision of a licensed instructor.

It’s never too late to start preparing for a driver’s license. Children and teens can learn the rules of the road throughout their lifetime. It’s most crucial to prepare your teen before they start to drive. Not only will it ease your mind, it will allow your teen to move onto driving safely.

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