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Five Tips For Helping Your Children Develop Their Language Skills

Teaching your child to communicate is important because this is how the child will talk to others in school and for the rest of their life. There are some ways you can teach your child how to properly communicate whether there are speech concerns or if the child talks well.


The best way to teach your child to communicate is to talk. When you go to the park or the store, talk about things that you see. Ask the child questions about colors and animals. If there is something that will happen with the child’s routine, then talk about it, and let them make choices about clothes to wear or the kind of toy to take in the tub.

Teach a Language

If you speak one language and the other parent speaks a different one, then introduce your child to both languages early. It is easier to teach a child multiple languages at an early age than it is as they get older. Songs are a great way to teach another language. Make sure the child knows about the verb tenses in each language and the proper way to use sentence structure.


While reading a book, ask questions about the pictures and the story that has been read. Ask questions that will get the child to think instead of simply look at information on a page to answer the question. If the child wants to share something but can’t think of the words, then offer suggestions. When the child starts to tell you information back, then imitate them by retelling the story in a different way.

Speech Programs

If you have concerns about the speech of your child and if it is on target for the age, you can take the child to a speech pathologist, such as one educated at Rocky Mountain University. It is best to find a professional that will work one on one with your child to determine the level of language and how to move forward. Puzzles and worksheets are often used in the analysis process.


Speaking of puzzles, games can be a great help. Not only is this a way to increase the communication of your child, but it is a great way to spend time as a family. Talk about the instructions of the game as well as any colors or shapes on the board. Try to find games that feature characters your child is familiar with.

Whether your child is talking every hour of the day or barely says a word, there are numerous activities you can do to increase the communication. Talk to your child so that the child sees it is alright to communicate. Interact with the child on a level that is understood by the child such as playing a game or watching a video.

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