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Five Tips To Keep Your Home Organized With Kids Around

The words “clean your room” are said all too often as parents and may seem like a lost cause at times. Keeping an organized house with kids around does not have to seem like fighting a losing battle. Listed below are five tips to keeping your house organized even with your children around. 

Keep Your Items Sorted And Simplified

If there are out of season items that you only use part of the year, keep those items stored somewhere else. The less clutter there is to organize, the less there is to get messy. It also helps children keep organization in perspective when they can focus on only keeping items they use regularly organized.

Make Things Easy To Put Away

If you want your children to help keep your house organized, make it easy for items to be put away. An example of this can be organizing from the bottom up so that it is easy for children to reach the correct spot on a shelf to put something away, or organizing books in a tub where it is easy to flip through the books to choose one and replace it when finished. 

Look At Organizing From Your Child’s Point Of View

For smaller children, organizing can be difficult when using adult accommodations. Closet doors may be hard to maneuver for younger children, and drawers that do not open smoothly may pose an even bigger issue. A great way to avoid issues such as these is to look at organizing from your child’s point of view and help plan for ways to organize that are easy for them. Getting kid’s furniture and storage bins can help them reach and organize better. You don’t have to spend a fortune on this either. You can find great deals on kid’s furniture at places like Kohl’s with a coupon from

Keep Similar Items Grouped Together

Children can grasp the concept of organization better if similar items are grouped together. For instance, when organizing clothes, always group pants and tops together while grouping socks and underwear together somewhere else. Another example would be grouping all toys together and grouping all books together in another location.

Designate A Certain Time Period To Organizing Daily

Designate a particular time each day to cleaning up. Even if it is only five minutes per day, those five minutes can make the difference between your home being disorganized or organized. You can even designate time for certain tasks each week or month, so you don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks.

These are just five of many different tips to keeping your home organized with kids around. When you help make it easy for your children to stay organized by looking at it from their point of view and focusing on ways to make cleaning up easy for them, your home can easily stay in the best condition possible. Your good habits will eventually run off on them too, making it even easier to keep the home organized.



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