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Five Ways Small Businesses Can Help Local Charities

Having a small business can be a great thing for your local community. You provide jobs to people in your local area, and at the same time strengthen your local economy. However, you still feel like you could be giving more.

In this article we’re going to highlight five ways you can help your local charities and give back to your local community.

1. Volunteer time with your employees

If you don’t have any extra cash that you can donate to a local charity, you can always donate your time. Most non-profits and charities always need extra volunteers and hands on deck. You could schedule a day where you and your employees will donate your time with the charity, or you could have a certain number of hours that employees allocate at a certain charity each month.

2. Offer donated services

Another way to help is through donating your services. That way you’ll be able to contribute with a skill set and area of expertise you’ve worked hard to acquire. If you’re a small law firm, you could donate your legal expertise with a charity that helps those with lower income sort through their legal battles. Whatever your area of expertise you can surely find a similar charity.

3. Partner with a charity with a similar mission

Along that same line you can partner with a certain charity that has the same core message or beliefs that you do. That way in supporting them you’re also furthering the message you’re trying to bring into the world. You could even go as far as giving a certain percentage of your profits to the charity of your choice.

4. Set up a charitable event

In setting up an event you can contribute large sums of money in a very short period of time. You could organize a dinner for all of your employees in which the total cost of any food being bought during the night will be donated to a local charity. You can get very creative with this, as a small business I’m sure you’re very creative already.

5. Give small donations throughout the year

Most people think you need to make large donations to a charity in need, however it’s just as effective to donate smaller amounts throughout the entire year. You could have an event where every Friday your employees bring in canned food which will be donated to charity. That way you’re making steady contributions throughout the year and are strengthening your relationship with them.

I hope you have found this article valuable and now have a better understanding at how you can use your local business as a transformative tool for good. All of the five suggestions above will go a long way towards giving back in your local city.


Have any of you used your small business resources to help a local charity or non-profit? Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear all about your donations and help.

Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin based SEO agency. Zane thinks it’s cool that his company does so much charity work.

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