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Fixer Upper: Ideas to Get Your Laundry Room in Shape

Having a laundry room that is clean and functional will make your life so much easier. As is often the case, laundry rooms end up being cluttered, disorganized, and often in need of some serious remodeling. From random boxes to clothing piled on the floor, to household odds and ends growing mold in the corner, a laundry room can quickly start to look like a dump. Things only get worse when your laundry room is the place where you store many other items, such as cleaning supplies, mops, and various sized brooms. The following are a few tips to whip your laundry room into shape.

Overhead Shelving Units
Instead of using the tops of your washer and dryer to house your collection of bottled bleach products, fabric softener, and boxes of detergent, it will help to organize things much nicer if you install an overhead shelving system above your laundry room appliances. Since your laundry room will experience states of increased humidity, your shelving system should be composed of a non-rusting metal, or coated wire framing, rather than being constructed out of wood. Having dividers along the shelves to create little compartments will help to organize things more precisely, and keep your laundry supplies in order.

Proper Drainage
You never know when there is going to be a wet mess in the floor of your laundry room. It is possible to have a problem with your washing machine that could backup water on to the floor, or you may just need to ring out wet rags after cleaning. Having a central drain is always a nice addition for just such an emergency. If you are designing your laundry room from scratch, then it will be a smart idea to mention this feature and home renovations in Edmonton when searching for custom home builders to construct your laundry room to your precise specifications.

Using a Clothing File System
Rather than having your kids dump their laundry out on the floor in front of the washer and dryer, it is much more functional to have a series of clothing receptacles designated for darks, whites, and delicate clothing. This not only helps to get your kids involved in helping you keep the laundry room clean and organized, but helps save you time from having to sort clothing before washing it too. A separate hard plastic basin might be a useful item to add to your clothing filing system. This will prevent family members from tossing their soiled or oily clothing on the floor after work. If you have a larger than average laundry room, you may consider bringing in a raised table or ironing board on which to perform tasks of ironing and folding clothing.

A laundry room should be a practical and functional place for washing laundry and keeping your cleaning supplied organized and safe. When your room is disorganized and cluttered it makes your job far more difficult than it needs to be. When your laundry room is reworked and properly organized, then it becomes easier to manage all your household tasks.

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