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Flu Season Is Here: Natural Ways to Keep Your Little Ones Healthy

Flu Season Is Here - Natural Ways to Keep Your Little Ones HealthyFlu season is upon us, so it’s time to get your shots! Although shots can be effective, there are other alternative ways to keep your children healthy this flu season. Below are several natural tips for keeping the flu at bay.

Sleep, Stress, And Diet

Getting adequate sleep is essential for staying healthy during flu season. Having your children sleep eight to ten hours a night keeps their immune system armed, and it makes them three times less likely to get ill. Alleviating stress from your life, and your children’s lives, is also another great way to avoid the flu. Often times if you’re stressed, your child will be too. So keep the stress level low as possible.

Eating lots of vitamin-rich foods and leafy, green vegetables keeps your immune system up. Too much sugar can lower your child’s immune system for a couple of hours, so it’s best not to have them consume excess amounts of sugar at any given time.

Vitamins And Zinc

Having your child consume vitamin-rich foods and supplements is always necessary, but is essential during the flu season. Vitamin C is great for prevention, and Vitamin A helps keep the mucous lining of the nose in top shape to block anything from getting through. If your child does get sick, zinc can help alleviate symptoms and shorten the duration of the flu.

Elderberry And Echinacea

Echinacea fights off infection. Also, many claim echinacea is the best for fighting off sore throats and other similar symptoms the flu causes. Elderberry is a natural antioxidant and contains vitamins A and C. Elderberry neutralizes the virus and cancels cell replication to help your child feel better faster.

Humidifiers And Fresh Air

Having a humidifier, or a bowl of hot water, in your child’s room helps keep viruses away. Dry air breeds viruses such as the cold and flu, and moist air helps the tiny germ-blocking, hairs in the nose called cilia, function better due to the increased moisture levels. In colder climates, people are more likely to stay indoors, causing the flu to spread like wildfire. This is why, according to a nurse who got their master’s in nursing online, taking the occasional walk outside or having a small air sanitizer in your child’s room can help keep the flu at bay.

Keeping your children healthy during the winter months is not difficult as long as the necessary steps are taken to eliminate any risks. Consuming vitamins, fruits, and vegetables months before the flu season, and having the correct sleep habits in place will ensure a rock-solid immune system for your children.

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