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Four Great Activities to Get Your Kids Interested in STEM

Many schools across the U.S. are integrating STEM into their curricula. STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is designed to intensify students’ studying of these disciplines and compel them into one or more of these fields in college and beyond. However, sparking kids’ interest in these programs continues to be one of the greatest challenges that teachers and parents alike face. By introducing your children to these four activities, you may increase their interest in STEM.

Cooking and Baking

Kids love to help in the kitchen. When you allow your kids to help with cooking and baking, you indirectly introduce them to food science.

Cooking and baking utilize processes that rely heavily on chemistry and physics. By allowing your kids to help cook and bake, you expose them to a variety of scientific processes and chemical reactions that result in foods you and your kids love to eat.

Shopping and Couponing

Kids also love to go shopping with Mom and Dad. By taking your kids shopping with you, you have the opportunity to teach them mathematical concepts that they can apply in the classroom. You also instill a love of math in your kids by letting them help coupon while you shop. You can make a mathematical game out of figuring out what coupons to use and what your shopping totals might be once the coupons are used at the store.

Online Learning

No child is too old to develop a love of STEM disciplines, even students are nearing the end of their high school careers or just preparing to embark on college studies. If you want your young adult student to have access to updated, innovative STEM learning, you might encourage him or her to take online courses. Online learning can continue all the way through post-graduate studies, in fact. People who continue their STEM learning and pursue programs like an online masters degree in education to learn and retain what they learn better and also enjoy greater employment opportunities once they graduate. For more information about online masters degrees in education, visit degree programs are a great way to personalize the educational experience.

Building Blocks

Toys like Legos and building blocks are great for fostering a love of engineering in students. Kids get to see the results of their building. They also have fun figuring out how to build structures that will not topple over or collapse. Many engineers recall playing with building blocks as children and counting this activity as one reason why they went on to study this field.

STEM subjects continue to be integrated in schools today. You can foster a love for STEM by introducing your kids to these activities.

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