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Four Reasons To Get Your Kids Into Sports

While it is important for children to eat right, do their homework and get enough sleep, participating in team sports can teach values that will last a lifetime. With more and more children growing up surrounded by the Internet and video games, getting out and playing with other kids in organized team play is more important than ever. Four very valuable aspects of youth sports are outlined below.
Having healthy, active kids is every parents wish. Here is why sports are a good idea.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Youth sports will help children stay fit and healthy. The exercise will help them to build muscles while they use calories, and they will drink more water to stay properly hydrated as well as consume the right foods to keep up their energy. A fitness regime started early in childhood will often carry over into adult life. A swim lesson program by SwimJim teaches an essential life skill while helping kids to stay strong and fit.

Build Self-Esteem

When children participate in sports and get more accomplished over time, they develop a positive self-image. This is especially true when kids are allowed to choose sports they will excel in and receive positive feedback from parents. Having good self-esteem is the basis for confidence and success as an adult.

Learn Teamwork

One of the most valuable lessons of youth sports is teamwork. Learning how to work with teammates, especially those who are difficult and uncooperative, will teach valuable skills for being a good team player in working life later on. Many employers value teamwork abilities over previous experience, as it is teamwork that gets the job done. Parents should encourage teamwork in children and make sure they are setting the right example through their actions and words.

Dealing with Adversity

Some of the most difficult lessons in life are learned through adversity. Everyone has problems to deal with and makes mistakes that must be corrected. Even those who play professional sports have to deal with the results of poor decisions. Sports can teach children that it is not so much the mistake that matters, but how it is dealt with after it occurs. This mindset can help a child grow into an adult with strong decision-making skills who is also able to recover quickly from setbacks.

Whether a child swims, plays baseball, participates in gymnastics or shoots baskets, the teamwork, problem-solving and personal respect skills learned in youth sports will last for a lifetime.

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