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Four Reasons You Should Choose Adoption

When faced with an unintended pregnancy, a woman is faced with a few options and must ask herself, adoption or abortion? Adoption is a great process in our world that puts children into families that will nurture, care for and love them. This avenue for happiness creates connections with children who need the love and care of a family. Here are four reasons for you to feel good about adopting.

1. Love

Adoption is able to place children in a family that is able and willing to care for them. The loving kindness that they receive when they enter their new family may be overwhelming, and can give a child a great future.

2. Grow a Family

Some parents aren’t able to have children, or have had complications and are unsure of the safety of continuing to try for more. Adoption is a way for those parents to reach out and still raise a family. Even if they’re not flesh and blood, taking care of children is a blessing that brings great happiness to the adoptive children and parents.

3. Avoid Regret

According to Heart to Heart Adoptions, “Seventy-percent of women who report having an abortion say they look back with negative feelings and regret.” Adoption allows a child to grow in a loving home with parents that take will take care of them.

4. Open or Closed Adoption

A birthmother can choose between an open adoption, when she has occasional contact with the child and their adoptive parents, or a closed adoption, when there is no contact with the child or adoptive parents. The birthmother can choose the situation that is best for her.

When faced with unintended pregnancy, the choices can be overwhelming. Adoption agencies can provide the support and love to help women through this process.

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